Hello simplicity.

Introducing SAVI 3, a comprehensive system designed to simplify the world of commercial AV for both Dealers and end-users.
Proven System
SAVI has been deployed in locations spanning the globe - from corporate offices to entertainment venues, controlling tens of thousands of devices.
2-Day Training
Our approach to technical training mirrors our mantra of simplicity.
Get certified in just two days via our virtual, yet very hands-on training sessions.

Amazing End-User Experience

Compelling features that simplify configuration, training, and day-to-day use for end-users.
Responsive web app
2-Way Feedback
Custom Scenes
Instant Search
User Rights Management
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SAVI is quickly changing the game for many commercial dealers around the world. Join us as we simplify the world of commercial AV.
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Custom Engineered Hardware

SAVI hardware was built with the Dealer in mind. We were integrators ourselves, so we knew we had to create equipment to be highly reliable and robust enough to support thousands of displays and sources.
Fully Integrated
The SAVI 3 hardware line was created with Dealers in mind. Our hardware and software work together to deliveran
amazingly seamless experience.
Clean Design
We were integrators oursleves, so we love the look of a clean and sleek equipment rack. SAVI Hardware was designed with our signature minimal aesthetic we know you'll appreciate.
Power Users Rejoice
We spend a LOT of time simplifying the process of setup and configuration but that doesn't mean power users will feel restricted. Advanced settings are always just a click or tap away.
World Class Support
Dealers can expect to receive the same world-class level of support for the SAVI Hardware line as they do for SAVI software.
One team, one dream, baby!
See how SAVI Hardware can streamline your installations
Robust Hardware
An all-new high-performance and highly reliable product line, with the horsepower to support thousands of displays and sources.
Network Based
Designed and optimized around the network - not antiquated technology platforms.
Super Intuitive
Unbelievably simple. Program large-scale projects in hours, not weeks!
Paradigm Shift
SAVI 3 is disrupting the status quo in Commercial AV.

SAVI 3: The reviews are in...

A radically new AV control and automation system that streamlines installation, programming and expense across commercial projects.


“You wouldn’t think you could learn a new automation system in just 2 days of tech training but with SAVI 3 and Creator you can!"
Ray E., TX
Tekmax Technologies
"SAVI is a lot of fun to set up and seems really simple. Wish I knew about it last year for my local arena!”
Stephen D., Canada
The training course was amazing! So quick and easy, I felt like a genius. Creator makes me feel like I have super powers.
Janet L. Howlett
My business has been getting incredible reviews on Yelp thanks to the cool experience SAVI is helping us create for our customers.
Susan Cashen
Business Owner

LG Project Profile Series: Topgolf

Topgolf Entertainment Group, a global sports and entertainment community, is enhancing the entertainment experience for millions of patrons with the installation of more than 10,000 displays from LG Electronics in 50-plus Topgolf venues - all controlled by SAVI.
More SAVI News
As integrators ourselves we believe that our industry needs this new approach - especially today. SAVI 3 is the toolset that will help drive business success
in the post-COVID world.
John Dorsey
Founder & CEO

SAVI 3 Features

An all new way to build, configure, and deploy commercial projects, SAVI Creator takes programming to the next level of simplicity with features that save you time and money.

Control, content delivery, and display management - all via a single CAT5e/6 cable and no 'box behind the display'. SAVI Canvas harnesses the power of LG webOS commercial displays to drastically simplify your projects.
Facility View
Easy to pick up and understand, SAVI Facility View is the SAVI 3 end-user experience. Control hundreds of devices simultaneously with just a few taps from virtually any device with a modern web-browser.

Room View
Intuitive 'wizard like' control provides a magical experience for end-users looking to control devices within a single room. SAVI Room View is perfect for a tabletop or wall mounted touchscreen in conference rooms and event spaces.

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